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The California Bar: Frighteningly Soon [Jul. 15th, 2011|09:28 pm]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |San Jose, California]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

So all the horror stories I heard about taking the California Bar are now coming to pass. I'd say it's all been coming on slowly, but that would be a lie. Really it's come on like a freight train recklessly speeding down tracks covered in bacon grease and WD40. It went from "oh yay a week off before I start studying" to "holy crap it's almost time!"

I have... slightly more than ten days before I sit down to take the thing, and right now the sweetest day of my life, the best I can possibly imagine, is July 29th - and solely because it is the Day After. I already have a full day of plans, you see, a full day! In reality I may not even get out of bed, but will simply yell down for my roommate to bring me plate after plate of pancakes. But even that sounds like heaven. Anything but this!

I think I finally understand what it's like to be bipolar, too. Well, at least in a small, hyperbolic, and sympathetic part. I go from feeling ready, prepared, and wanting to be done with this damned thing already - bring it on! - to a crashing low desperate panic, the sense that I don't have nearly enough time god oh god I wish I didn't have to eat or sleep and there's just not enough time, at least once a day, but sometimes more. Sometimes a few times before I'm even out of the shower. Horrible. But also apparently what everyone else in my class is going through right now, which does, I admit, make it somewhat more manageable.

Not just my sanity seems to be slipping, but also everyone's health has started to rapidly deteriorate. I've heard enough stories about screaming, sobbing, and even projectile vomiting during the test (that last from the upchucker herself) that I'm assuming it's going to be pandemonium in the test room. That said, I thought it would at least wait until that fateful Tuesday start deadline. Oh no, not at all. My usual study-buddy is currently two lattes from an ulcer, as informed by her doctor. Apparently she's not to have any caffeine and to reduce her stress. Upon receipt of this news, she turned to her doctor and gave what must have been a semi-crazed, semi-maniacal laugh. Another friend is apparently breaking out into hives with some regularity, her own awesome stress reaction. This evening I'm having bouts of vertigo, which I assure you makes it rather hard to study contract formation, but hey, at least I can have coffee!

Though when I think about what I have to deal with - pretty much nothing but studying - I have to remind myself that I have this, relatively speaking, easy. Why, I only need to look to my right to recall my neighbor in BarBri lecture, whose wife went into labor the Tuesday night of our second week and who turned up bright and early Wednesday morning for class. Apparently he's gotten the hang of holding a baby and an outline at the same time. And not sleeping for more than four hours at a time. Yeah, I'm glad I don't have to deal with that, no lie. So it could be worse. But really, it feels terrifying enough as it is that I will just leave it at that.

I certainly have more empathy for one former Smeagol now, if nothing else. If there were an SAT problem, it would read:
Question: The One Ring was to Gollum as...
Answer: the Bar is to commodoremarie.
As a classmate so appropriately added, "One Bar to rule them all and in the darkness, bind them!"

Oh, and finally I must pass on a link that was given to me by a classmate that, I would say, perfectly encapsulates what I'm feeling right now: Stop Telling Me I'm Going to Pass the Bar. The California Bar really is a terrifying, horrifying, everything-I-can-think-of-that-ends-in-ifying gauntlet that I hope I only have to take once, but may have to face several times. So yeah. Your confidence is appreciated but unshared, unfortunatley.

And on that note, it's already almost past my bedtime.

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7th Annual San Diego ComicCon Slashers Dinner [Jun. 25th, 2011|10:21 pm]
Commodore Marie
Where: Panda Inn at Horton Plaza
When: Friday, July 22rd – 8:00pm
Come join us for an evening of fun and friendly company for the seventh year running! In addition to the usual tasty food and great conversation, we'll be almost like our own little mini-convention, complete with personalized badges, a swap-table, and more! A great way to meet new people, see some familiar faces, and have a great time. We hope you'll join us!

My apologies for the late announcement, this has been an extra busy year. Please help spread the word!

Full Details and Registration Information Here

I need to make sure the restaurant knows how many of us are coming, so advance registration is necessary. We had around 40 folks last year, let's see if we can't do better in 2011!

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Law School Graduation [Jun. 7th, 2011|08:00 pm]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |San Jose, California]
[Current Mood |optimisticoptimistic]

Here I'll post belatedly to say that, hooray I live, and as of May 21st I have graduated from law school! Well, they haven't sent me the diploma (not all of our grades are yet due, and you know how professors take their time with grading) but in theory I am done. Three long years I may have enjoyed and hated in turn, but am undeniably happy to say I completed.

This is the bit in which normally one would add, "And now life begins!" But alas, this is not so: first I must leap the unpleasant hurdle of the California Bar. I fear it's already eaten up my life and I'm not sure I'm actually fit company to be let out into public. After July I hope to regain human form and once again see daylight.

And because the lovely nakedbee was gracious enough to take graduation photos of me, I'll post one quickly now as proof of just how silly the hat was.

With that brief update out of the way, I return to my perusal of the various forms of homicide and the differences between burglary and larceny.
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ComicCon Rooming Co-op 2011 - Open! [May. 25th, 2011|03:42 pm]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |San Jose, California]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Only two months later than usual, erp. I just graduated from law school, folks - please forgive me!

For those of you interested in being part of my annual San Diego ComicCon rooming "co-op" this year, I have moved all of the information off of LiveJournal and into it's own site. Registration has opened and I have plenty of spots free. All on-site work will be handled this year by saklani2, since I am unable to attend ComicCon myself because of the Bar exam. However, she has been with the rooming group from the get-go and knows the ins and outs as well as I do!

The Commodore's 2011 Rooming Co-op

Same rules as last year, all designed to help us preserve our sanity while also simplifying things for guests. A Thursday-Friday-Saturday-nights stay is mandatory. It is just too much headache and hassle to do it any other way. Wednesday and Sunday nights are optional. Payment must also be made prior to the convention.

I'm happy to field any questions folks may have, either here or by email. This is the sixth year of doing this and it's well on its way to being streamlined!
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California Bar: So It Begins [Mar. 2nd, 2011|10:14 pm]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |San Jose, California]
[Current Mood |busybusy]

The California Bar registration opened up yesterday, so as of 9:34am I am on the list. A little terrifying, really.

The sign-up itself was quite simple, mostly a few ticky-boxes confirming information I'd submitted earlier, but it was the payment section that really knocked me around a bit. The exam costs $584, a fair enough chunk for an exam with a pass-rate somewhere between 50 and 55%, and then they slap on another fee if you want to use your laptop - to the tune of $132. So for the privilege of 18 hours of grueling examination, I am short $716. Ugh.

But wait, there's more! My "Application for Determination of Moral Character" required I list not only every job I've held since age 18 and condemn a bunch of people to harassment via annoying personal knowledge questionnaires, but I also get to shell out another $476. Clearly it costs a lot to determine if I'm moral by running a background check and looking through surveys sent to friends. Yup.

See, law students really can do math!

And on another note, I hope I get the test location I wanted. It would be really nice to just stay in the hotel where the test is administered and not have to worry about driving, parking, traffic, and all those sorts of things, and instead just take an elevator downstairs. Too bad most of my friends have opted for the closest test center, so I might be on my own. Oh well, I don't think I'll be suitable company for any sort of socializing, anyway.

I can't wait until August. Pass or fail, I have all of August and September (and most of November, let's be honest) to just not worry for a while!

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Dog Poop Issues in Building D [Feb. 7th, 2011|10:44 am]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |Santa Clara, California]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

Dear [Apartment Complex] Office Staff,

Over the last few months one of the residents of [my building] has been letting his dogs defecate in the breezeways and on the stairs. He does not clean up this poop, creating a hazard for those of us who live in the building and aren't expecting these unpleasant landmines. I believe he lives on the 3rd floor, possibly in the middle of the building, and has two small dogs. The poop is definitely small-dog poop, and is most frequent on the second and third floors.

Right now there is poop in the furthest 3rd floor breezeway - fresh from this morning. And there are lingering dried turds wedged in the crevices on the far and middle staircases. It is really disgusting to have to tell visitors to watch their step, and to have to look at and deal with this every day.

Can something please be done about this? From here on out I will be sending in complaints when this happens, as I find it a huge detraction from my otherwise nice apartment.

Thank you for your time and action.

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Christmas in Petra [Dec. 25th, 2010|09:36 pm]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |Wadi Musa, Jordan]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

I am writing this from Petra, admittedly while rather tired and ready for bed, all because I would like to be able to put "Wadi Musa, Jordan" in the Location section below. So forgive me my errors, I'll be sure to clean this up later. And make it interesting. And even funny. I swear.

Long rambles about one of the seven wonders of the world plus photos.Collapse )
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Travel Advice Request [Oct. 27th, 2010|10:02 pm]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |San Jose, California]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Okay folksies, I'm hoping to solicit some travel advice! Please?

I'm going to be in Israel from December 13th through December 24th. I'm thinking of pushing back my departure date and checking out a nearby country since I'm all the way over there already and on winter break from classes. But my dielemma is: where? There are a lot of options, but I don't know much about most of them.

It's important to note that I will be traveling on my own, and while I've done this before abroad, I don't want to push my luck. For that and other obvious reasons, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia are just out. I've already been to Turkey, and though I'd like to go back someday, I want to try something new first. Similarly, though I madly want to see Egypt, I want to stay for at least a few weeks, which just is not an option at this point. My flight back has to be through Israel, and flights in the area are rather expensive, so that leaves few other options.

The two tempting places right now are Cyprus and Athens, Greece. Cyprus is tempting because a week would be plenty of time to see, let's be frank, most of the rather small island nation. But I also know very little about it and what's there. If I did Greece, I would probably only do Athens due to cost and travel-time limitations, with the intent on going back at some later point and further exploring. The flights are in the same price range, too.

And not to leave anything out, there are a few places that no one ever hears much about, like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, as well as and a few slightly-more known locales like Armenia, Georgia, and Jordan. In reality I'll probably just do Jordon as a two-day run-through to see Petra, rather than staying any longer, though.

So... thoughts anyone? Suggestions? Dire warnings? Fanciful tales? Anyone actually been to Cyprus who can give me a yay or nay? Athens is a safe bet, and I would love to see it, but when will Cyprus be quite so opportune again? Ah the delicious dielemmas of travel!

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Photos with Celebrities [Oct. 21st, 2010|07:09 pm]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |San Jose, California]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

This is why I don't pay to have my picture taken with celebrities at conventions:

If you're not familiar, that's Summer Glau. If you prefer, there's always Luke Perry.

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Christmas Commercials, Really Now? [Oct. 1st, 2010|05:01 pm]
Commodore Marie
[Current Location |San Jose, California]
[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

I admit up front, I don't like Christmas, for both for religious and personal reasons: it's a non-holiday for me based on religious preference, and a day on which my family growing up seemed more prone to argument that happy holly jolly celebratory cheer - though once we turned it into a "watch Star Wars day" things noticeably improved. To cap it all off, it is a day of rampant and bloated consumerism, and it's non-secular-still-very-Christian-yet-masquerading-as-secularism really bugs me, but is an entirely different rant.

That said, and no matter how you personally feel about the Christmas, the holiday is celebrated on December 25th. That is 85 days from now, almost three full months. And?

I should not be hearing Christmas commercials on the radio already!

No! No no no no! And it wasn't just some vague "holiday cheer" thing, this was full jingle bells in the background, Mr. and Mrs. Claus talking to elves about gifts bullshittery. My only regret was being so blindsided by this extremely advanced ad that I didn't note who or what was being advertised. If they ever had my business, such will dry up like spilled water in the Sahara if and when I find out who it was. I wish I could smack them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

Christmas, please try not to spoil my Halloween, okay? Thanks.

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